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Debian Policy released


Debian Policy has just been released. An updated debian-policy
package has been uploaded to master and will be installed in the
archive soon.

The new version of the Policy Manual is available online at


Here is a list of changes since the last release (

  * Changes to the Debian Policy Manual:

    - Updated section 3.3.4 Scripts:
      + /bin/sh may be any POSIX compatible shell
      + scripts including bashisms have to specify /bin/bash as
      + scripts which create files in world-writable directories
        (e.g., in /tmp) should use tempfile or mktemp for creating
        the directory

    - Updated section 3.3.5 Symbolic Links:
      + symbolic links referencing compressed files must have the same
        file extension as the referenced file

    - Updated section 3.3.6 Device files:
      + /dev/tty* serial devices should be used instead of /dev/cu*

    - Updated section 3.4.2 Writing the scripts [in /etc/init.d]:
      + all /etc/init.d scripts have to provide the following options:
        start, stop, restart, force-reload
      + the reload option is optional and must never stop and restart
        the service

    - Updated section 3.5 Cron jobs:
      + cron jobs that need to be executed more often than daily should
        be installed into /etc/cron.d

    - Updated section 3.7 Menus:
      + removed section about how to register HTML docs to `menu'
        (the corresponding section in 4.4, Web servers and applications,
        has been removed in policy already, so this one was

    - New section 3.8 Keyboard configuration:
      + details about how the backspace and delete keys should be

    - New section 3.9 Environment variables:
      + no program must depend on environment variables to get a
        reasonable default configuration

    - New section 4.6 News system configuration:
      + /etc/news/organization and /etc/news/server should be supported
        by all news servers and clients

    - Updated section 4.7 Programs for the X Windows system:
      + programs requiring a non-free Motif library should be provided
        as foo-smotif and foo-dmotif package
      + if lesstif works reliably for such program, it should be linked
        against lesstif and not against a non-free Motif library

    - Updated section 4.9 Games:
      + games for X Windows have to be installed in /usr/games, just as
        non-X games

    - Lots of typos fixed (thanks to Ray Dassen for the patch!)

  * Changes to the authoritative list of virtual package names:
    - added `libc-dev' and `emacsen'

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