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Bug system enhancements

The bug system now supports `Severities': `critical', `grave',
`normal' and `wishlist'.  A severity can be supplied as part of the
pseudo-header in a bug report, and can be manipulated using a new
`severity' command available by mailing control@bugs.debian.org.

Please see <URL:http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Developer.html#severities>
for details, including what the severities are supposed to mean.
(This web page may take a little while to become fully up to date; if
the information is not yet there then please use the mirror at

There is a new page for each package, listing all of the package's
reports and a form to go straight to it as well as a new index of all
the packages.  The main index is now also available broken down by
severity and bug state (open, forwarded, done).

The structure of the Bugs/db directory has been improved so that it
doesn't have thousands of files in the same directory.  WWW- and FTP-
based mirrors will probably take a little while to resynchronise.

The email-based update scheme has been improved so that it has lower
bandwidth consumption and also hopefully is hopefully more reliable
with better failure modes.  The bandwidth reduction has made it
possible to add the new indices.  It might now be possible for other
sites besides www.chiark to get the email updates, if there is demand.
This is a few tens of Mb per week on average; anyone considering this
should express an interest by mailing owner@bugs.debian.org.

There may well be some teething troubles.  Please report to owner@bugs
anything broken that you think we won't notice anyway.


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