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Re: Needed: Desktop artwork plan for bookworm - work idea

Hey, hello,

I am totally pleased that you like the idea of this infinite

New adventure begin with your modification, nice!

It is exciting.

We will see if other free friends are on the same way, we will be a
part of this infinite swirl/spiral :-)

See you


On Wed, 2022-04-06 at 22:59 +0200, Onsemeliot wrote:
> Hi Jean-Claude,
> I love what you have done with the Debian spiral in your proposal. It
> would be great to create a monochrome image which a background
> highlight color that users could easily chose – preferably by using a
> color picker in a theme setting menu.
> But I would omit the squares. In my opinion most designs do to
> much and every Debian release I root for the minimalistic proposals.
> Most designs are just too distracting for my taste. It would feel
> more
> natural to me if it was just your improved spiral with only a rather
> understated logo as an optional feature.
> I was bold enough to adapt your initial proposal. I made the gradient
> bigger so that the screen is somewhat brighter:
> https://freidenk.net/debian/
> Cheers
> Onsemeliot

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