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Touchpad starts requiring 2 fingers - way to fix?

I was hoping someone could help me solve a problem on Debian 11 (bullseye) with GNOME 3.38.5. I am fully up to date.

I very much want to restore single finger function on touchpad without having to reboot. After using touchpad on Lenovo laptop for a while it often starts requiring 2 fingers on the touchpad to move the cursor and actions that would require 2 fingers then start requiring 3. Single finger is ignored entirely.

My touchpad driver appears to be: ELAN0674:00 04F3:3193 Touchpad

Rebooting always corrects the issue. but executing the following command does NOT correct the issue:  xinput disable "ELAN0674:00 04F3:3193 Touchpad" && xinput enable "ELAN0674:00 04F3:3193 Touchpad"

Perhaps this is not a good medium for trying to solve this problem. Is there something akin to "Ask Ubuntu" that serves the Debian community? If this is not a good medium for solving this problem, can you please direct me an appropriate medium? I posted this question on the Debian forums but have received zero replies.

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