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Bug#989822: desktop-base: Debian 10 images still in 11 package

control: severity -1 normal


Le 14 juin 2021 16:03:27 GMT+02:00, Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> a écrit :
>Philip Wyett <philip.wyett@kathenas.org> (2021-06-14):
>> Package: desktop-base
>> Version: 11.0.3
>> Severity: important
>> moonlight-theme still contains Debian 10 specific images.

>It contains much more than that, it even contains spacefun files! I'm
>not sure that's a bug though. If the default files were not to point to
>the Debian 11 theme, that'd be another story.

The bug is that the images still contains the « Debian 10 » text and not Debian 11.

I can/will fix that but a MR would be welcome too, it's SVG so it should be a one liner per sgv file doable with a simple text editor. :-)


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