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Re: smtube, youtube-dl and other apps that work with youtube

As far as I know, youtube-dl can be installed and updated through pip. 
I think updating packages if we can is a better idea than removing
them. It might be useful to put a warning saying that "Youtube is a
propriatery script and makes breaking changes very fast. If this
software doesn't work you can try getting a newer version from the
python package index at your own risk. "

On Tue, 2020-07-07 at 00:51 +0200, Ervin Dine wrote:
> YouTube changes it's code fast. 
> This renders programs that are free and open source working with
> YouTube obsolete very fast unless they update too. 
> Such is the case with smtube, youtube-dl in the official Debian 10
> stable repositories. They are completely useless for youtube. 
> Should Debian update broken packages or remove packages that rely on
> proprietary services? 

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