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Call for artwork proposals for the Buster release


During the meeting held by the Publicity Team on Thuesday 20 June 2019
to prepare the coverage of the Buster Release, it was brought up the
idea of having some artwork to illustrate announces and blog posts about the
forthcoming release.

It might be some variation around the theme "futurePrototype" designed
by Alex Makas (https://wiki.debian.org/DebianArt/Themes/futurePrototype)
selected as default theme for Debian 10, like what was done for the the
release of Jessie (https://bits.debian.org/tag/jessie.html) or Stretch

A further suggestion would be a kind of countdown to be embedded or
added to the banner of the frontpage of d.o. or that of Bits from Debian
(like e.g. the project of Valessio Brito for stretch
http://valessiobrito.com.br/stretch/simple%20countdown%20200x170/ or

So, if you would like to provide some artwork for help to the coverage
of Buster Release, you can send your proposal of artwork ASAP to the
Publicity Team at debian-publicity@lists.debian.org.

We would remind you that the release is planned for 2019-07-06.

Thanks for your proposals,

Jean-Pierre Giraud, on behalf of Publicity Team

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