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Bug#898456: desktop-base: Please offer emblem-vendor alternative

Source: desktop-base
Version: 9.0.5
Severity: wishlist
X-Debbugs-CC: hertzog@debian.org

Please use the Debian alternatives system to offer a new
'emblem-vendor' alternative (provided by emblem-debian in

I am not familiar with setting up alternatives, but based on a quick
look at the manpage, I think you'll need to have "slave" alternatives
for the symlinks you'll need for all the different icon sizes.

I also suggest adding a 'emblem-vendor-symbolic' alternative (for
emblem-debian-white). That would more closely match the way GNOME
names its icons because of the convenient way that icon names are
resolved in GTK+.

The use case for this feature is to make it easier for Debian
derivatives to change the system branding in one place. This
particular idea was suggested by Raphaël Hertzog at

Jeremy Bicha

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