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Bug#853224: desktop-base 9.0.3 (was Re: Fwd: Bug#857373: unblock: plasma-workspace/4:5.8.6-2


On Mon, Mar 20, 2017 at 10:23:25PM +0100, Aurélien COUDERC wrote:
> I’ve prepared a 9.0.3 and pushed it to mentors. If you get it there,
> take care to use the last one as there were several tries.
> Feel free to diff and review it and push it to unstable as I don’t know
> if / when I’ll get the upload rights.

the changes look good and sensible to me…

> Also as said earlier I’m not sure this changes by itself deserves a
> freeze exception so I’ll leave it up to you.

…however I also agree with this. (I dont think they deserve a freeze
exception on their own….)

I'll still upload this to unstable now, for several reasons:

- the code *is* cleaner and should IMHO be in stretch, so it's good to give it
  more testing, in case the RT wants it in stretch.
- should a serious issue in desktop-base be found, we can always upload 9.0.4
  containing these changes *or* removing them again, in case the RT doesnt want 
  them in stretch.

So to be clear: I don't plan to file an unblock bug for this.

I'll also upload to DELAYED-2 in case one of you thinks I'm crazy and wants to
prevent this upload.


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