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Uploading 9.0.2 to unstable

Hi list,

I have 9.0.2 at the door with a few more (minor) additions.
9.0.x has been in experimental since 7th November, unstable since 2nd
January and testing since 14th January. It’s not that long in testing
but we’ve received relatively little bug reports, which were either
quickly fixed or deferred to post-stretch. So I hope we’re in good state
for the Stretch release.

9.0.2 needs to be pushed quickly to unstable in order to migrate to
testing before the freeze. I’m doing a few last minute checks and Holger
is willing to do the upload any time soon.

Current changelog for 9.0.2 :

  * Include size 3840x2160 (4k) wallpaper and lockscreen. (Closes: #851930)
  * Include more sizes of emblem-debian, add emblem-debian-white.
    (Closes: #833529)
  * Lockscreen/Joy: fix wallpaper image being used instead of lockscreen.


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