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Bug#850601: desktop-base does not install on live images

Le 9 janvier 2017 10:06:20 GMT+01:00, Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> a écrit :
>Aurélien COUDERC <zecoucou@free.fr> (2017-01-09):
>> Thank you for your bug report.
>> Do you mean apt install-ing the package from a live system ?
>> >The attached patch probably isn't a solution, more of a workaround.
>> Actually I've changed the code from Jessie's version in order to fail
>> case of error following this :
>> https://lists.debian.org/debian-desktop/2016/11/msg00060.html
>> I've copied KiBi who participated in the discussion.
>> Now what ?
>> Is the proposed patch deemed suitable wrt. policy, by not failing in
>> case of error but still printing a message ?
>> I'd say it's not much different than the previous "|| true" because I
>> expect update-grub/initramfs already produce relevant messages when
>> fail.
>I think it'd be nice to get error messages for both cases, and figure
>whether there's something to improve there.

Actually in Jessie only update-grub was having "|| true".
Shall I stick to only update-grub but with the additional error message, or really also add the workaround for update-initramfs ?

>Depending on the use case(s), maybe desktop-base should detect where
>being installed in a live system, and maybe not call update-grub and/or

Hints and patches welcome. :-)
@Alf are you testing on siduction 2016.1 image from December ?
What's the rationale for installing the package inside the (volatile) live image ?


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