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Bug#843998: plymouth theme missing for softwaves

Hi Michael,

my pleasure. :-)
And also it's Juliette Belin's fault that we have such a nice theme proposal for Stretch, I don't take credit for that.

For fsck/others I think the support is to be done… everywhere else !
Basically we've taken inspiration (read blindly copied) what Ubuntu does, so Plymouth and the Debian theme support fsck display since wheezy.
The missing part is that init/fsck/whoever else actually sends information to plymouthd to display.


Le 4 janvier 2017 14:37:25 GMT+01:00, Michael Biebl <biebl@debian.org> a écrit :
Hi Aurélien,

nice work. Thanks a lot!

Do you know what is missing to have fsck progress support in plymouth?
Is that a theme issue or something which needs to be supported by
plymouth (or both)?

I know, SSDs are more popular these days so long fsck times are not that
common anymore. Would still be nice to have support for that in
plymouth, otherwise it's rather pointless to ship fsckd in systemd [1].

CCed Laurent and Laurent, maybe they have some input on this. Would be
great if we can fix this for stretch



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