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Pushing 9.0.0 to unstable

Hi team,

what about pushing 9.0.0 to unstable ?
There was one grave but trivial bug I introduced in 9.0.0~exp1 (#843727) that was fixed the same day it was raised and is now pending upload, and miscellaneous other fixes and improvements.
Also I’ve worked with Maximiliano to get Debian themed SDDM packages ready. They depend on desktop-base >= 9.0.0~ so the upload would be welcome to let these new packages land.

The last major part missing for Stretch I’m still working on is the Plymouth theme, but il will take more days to be ready.

Here’s the changelog from svn :

  * Fix detection of update-initramfs. (Closes: #843727)
  * Include GRUB text/background colors in the theme pack / alternatives
    system. (Closes: #606383)

  * Additional wallpaper and lockscreen ratios for Soft Waves theme.
  * Remove Moreblue theme from Lenny.
  * Add theme pack support Joy/Spacefun themes.

  * Use dash instead of bash for postinst
  * Generate all GRUB bitmaps from SVG at build time instead of versioning
  * Stop shipping SDDM breeze-based theme, now in plasma-workspace.


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