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Artwork submission period ended (Was: Call for Stretch artwork proposals)


The submission period for the Stretch work is now over.  We have
received 11 (confirmed) submissions for Stretch.
  Please give a hand to the artists, whom took their time to prepare an
artwork submission for Debian Stretch! :)

 * Alberto Moshpirit (3 submissions)
 * Federico Mosquera
 * Fernando Magalhães
 * Jeffrey Mills
 * Juliette Taka Belin
 * Ozgu Ozden
 * Stéphane Blondon
 * Vladimir Kudrya

Your time and effort is much appreciated it. :)

With this, we will start the second part, which is selection of the
default artwork for Stretch.  Please take some time to review the
submissions at:


(NB: Some entries have multiple "options" in their individual wiki pages.)

I have also received a suggestion from Michael Biebl, whom recommended
that included all the submitted artwork for Stretch (e.g. in a
"stretch-artwork" package).  This would make the all artwork easily
accessible to users, who might prefer one of an alternative artwork.

Once again, thanks for the submissions,

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