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Re: some adjustments are needed for theme

Stéphane Blondon:
> Hello,
> on https://wiki.debian.org/DebianDesktop/Artwork/Stretch some themes
> have a "Needs minor adjustments". I've created Redsmooth in the past and
> I'd like to know what is needed in order to fix them. But perhaps it's
> not important to fix them now?
> My hypothesis:
>  - licence: I received an e-mail from Francesco about the licence, so I
> wrote on the detail page
> (https://wiki.debian.org/DebianArt/Themes/redsmooth) that I release the
> theme under GPL v.2+.
>  - resolution:
> https://wiki.debian.org/DebianDesktop/Artwork/Requirements show a
> required resolution of 1920x1200. My source is only 1920x1080.
> Could it be the needed adjustments? Or others? Or I should wait you
> choose a theme?
> Please keep me in cc because I didn't subscribe to this mailing list.
> Regards

Hi Stéphane,

It appears to have been re-submitted by Valessio (whom also included the

I admit I am in fact a bit puzzled by
 Valessio, did you talk to the artists behind these or are you intending
to create a derivative art work based on them?


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