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Suggestion about the graphical interface in Debian


My name is Jorge, I'm from Spain and a beginner Debian user.

I've been reading this link:

And after sending this message to the Debian sysadmin team, I've been
searching and I think that this could be a suitable place to express my

But if I send this email to a wrong address, please let me know so that
I can send it to the right people. I'm not subscribe to this mailing
list, but you can answer to this message through my e-mail:

The suggestion is about the graphical interface (I'm using GNOME right
now, but I think that could be useful for other graphical interfaces)
and here it goes, I think that...

- The key "Supr" could send a selected archive or folder to the Trash
(with a confirmation window before sending it to the Trash).

- You clic over the name of the archive or folder one time, can rename
that archive or folder.

I hope this could be useful.

Thanks in advance.
Greetings from Spain.

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