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Re: Lines theme for ldm-themes

On 2015-01-02, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
> I didn't find any .png files to symlink, so I've used gimp to transform
> desktop-base's login/background.svg to .png and used as a background in
> ldm-theme. Works fine at a variety of resolutions; this seems to get it
> 90% of the way to a useable theme for LDM.
> Seems like I should ship the .svg in the source, and transform it into
> .png at build time; Suggestions for how to do that?

Thanks for the rsvg-convert suggestion, works nicely!

> LDM also requires a logo.png present, which is diplayed above the
> username box at login.
> A larger truely transparent .png might help with that, if a
> transparent .png will work at all...

Figured out a transparent 1x1 .png that works for me...

> Lastly, the theme for LDM needs a greeter-gtkrc adjusted to go with the
> background colorscheme and otherwise make it look nice.

Used an empty greeter-gtkrc, and the gtk defaults are passable.

> With those issues sorted, I should be able to have an updated ldm-themes
> package updated soon. Thanks!

What I have now seems to work for me, though the gtkrc could still be


I may have a look at what Debian-Edu has done to see if there's anything
there that will make it even niceer (in particular, the gtkrc).

Thanks for your help everyone!

live well,

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