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Re: Default Debian desktop for Jessie


Hi !

I have read that Debian comunity has plans to review the default desktop enviroment for future releases, since some people are not very glad with current Gnome 3.

And some are very happy with Gnome 3.

Please let me give you a personal recomendation: take a look at the Cinnamon desktop and take it in consideration. Cinnamon is already packaged in Debian, it is modern based on Gtk3, confortable and has a good perfomance.
Thanks for your atention.

Well, Gnome is just the standard desktop which is installed by default. From popcon, many Debian users have an other desktop environnement like xfce or kde. Anyone can easily install Cinnamon if wanted.

In my opinion, Cinnamon is still a young project. Hence, it shouldn't be set as the default DE for Debian. If we really need/wish to change the default DE, I would better want kde or xfce.

In addition, we should currently stick to a default DE, as many are in transition: lxde to lxqt, kde going to Qt5, slow developments on xfce... Gnome is not my best personnal choice, but I think it's the most stable for now.


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