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Please restore Squeeze desktop

Dear Sirs
I have upgraded from Debian Squeeze to Wheezy.  Thank you for it.  It is my major software platform.

The desktop is causing me problems.  For instance
- if an xterm window is dragged to the right side of the screen, it immediately expands to fill the whole screen and there is no obvious way to reduce it back to a half screen size.
- random clicks on seemingly harmless bits of the screen cause xterm windows to collapse.  Once collapsed, they can only be opened so that they fill the whole screen.

These issues cause me extra effort, physical and mental, because I often want to work with several such windows, reading in some and writing to others.  Once one has filled the screen, this is much harder.  Under Squeeze, one could just click on a partly hidden window and it came to the top.

The solution in Wheezy seems to be to keep different windows in separate desktops.  Under Squeeze, changing between desktops was just a matter of clicking on the new desktop's image in the bottom toolbar.  Under Wheezy, one must click on the "Activities" header, then click on the preferred desktop image, then click on the xterm image in that new desktop to enlarge it.

Could you please restore the interface used in Squeeze?

Regards and best wishes
Alan Hutchinson

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