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Reportbug: a bottleneck for fixing usability bugs on debian.

Hi everyone,
I think reportbug could be improved significantly without very much
effort, and in doing so could facilitate tackling many small usability
bugs on debian. Reportbug currently is not easy or stable enough to
encourage novice users from reporting the small issues that can make
debian difficult for un-technical users.
To name some of the most important issues:
*When you initially boot it, it hasn't got a GUI, and instructs you to
install one - then again with a spell-checker.
*It asks confusing questions about emails, without sufficient explanations.
*When it is working, it often quits unexpectedly during the course of
the process.  It has improved on this point, but I initially gave up
filing a bug against reportbug about a year ago as it quit every time I
tried. I know this is not something only I have experienced.
*The search could be greatly improved, making it much easier to use.
*Re-configuring it after initial setup requires a command, can't be done
through the gui.
Luckily most of these would be fairly easy to implement, as are various
other usability improvements. By being off-putting and inaccessible to
non-technical potential bug reporters, the small issues that get in
their way go unheard, but by putting a small concerted effort into
improving this program, we can make a big step towards making 'Software
that Just Works'

All the best,

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