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Re: A new user experience for Jessy ?

Hi !

I installed Debian Wheezy with LOP (Lxde+Openbox+Pcmanfm) in three
computers in my city: my netbook, of Academic Center and including a new
user of GNU/Linux.

Had put Lubuntu in that Computer but was unstable. Then i did it and he's
really enjoying!!

Jessy could be more colorful to attract people.

Look, could also to do a Eight (8) relation with the infinite.

Or mixing


Oh, and i saw that background ;)


Apologize my english.

> Hey guys !
> Yes, Jessy is far from being release as the stable release, but it's not
> too soon to begin working on the graphic theme, and more generally on the
> user experience. Indeed, the choice of the Wheezy theme was kind of
> arbitrary, but it was necessary due to freeze deadline and debian package
> validation.
> Well, let's begin to work then !
> Some critics about the Wheezy theme was that "it was just a bunch of
> wallpapers and backgrounds". That was kind of right. So there I propose a
> totally new approach for the design and the user experience for Jessy.
> Before describing the approach, I wish this work to be part of CollabArt
> [1], as I prefer collaboration than competition (competition that happened
> for Wheezy).
> Well, you all heard about the famous distribution called Archlinux. After
> long talks with users of the distributions, I discovered many reasons why
> people are attracted by this distribution. The two main reasons are the
> packages that are all up to date from upstreams (something that Debian
> shouldn't and won't compete) and the fact that's a bare and very light
> distribution out of the box. The latter is interesting, as many of them
> wasn't aware that Debian can be installed with very few packages. Debian
> is, actually, a very light distribution. It's just that people are used to
> download and install the default Gnome distribution.
> On the other hand, Debian is not well-known for its simplicity. Actually,
> I favor Lubuntu and Xubuntu for new Linux users. So we can't set a new
> default Debian distribution that won't be perfect for newcomer, but will
> be a good and light start for a medium-experienced user, or for users that
> want lightness over simplicity.
> So I've selected few packages for a bare Debian installation, and I
> configured them to obtain both a new design and a new experience. Roughly:
> - LXDE with Openbox/pcmanfm
> - Slim
> - Midori
> - Xarchiver
> - Wicd
> - Sylpheed
> - I intend to replace xscreensaver by slimlock [2]
> There are two screenshots: Slim, and desktop. These are taken directly
> after the installation of the theme [3 - 4]
> To install the theme:
> - Setup a minimal (really minimal) Debian Jessy
> - Log as root and install the "ca-certificates" package
> - Grab the installation script:
> https://raw.github.com/Vagdish/Debian8-Theme/master/install.sh
> - Make it executable (chmod +x install.sh)
> - Launch it (./install.sh)
> - Wait until reboot.
> - I can't find how to change the default gtk theme. So change it from
> "Clearlooks" (the default) to "Mist".
> - Voilà !
> Two things to notice:
> - Slim and Pcmanfm can't scale the background to fit (like --bg-scale feh
> option), So we will have to make many wallpapers at different resolution.
> - The wallpaper has no license at all. I'm trying to contact the original
> author. But anyway, the wallpaper is just a part of the whole experience.
> I *will* make gnome/gdm/kdm/... themes. Like any other Debian theme, it
> will act on all required packages. But I want to uses Jessy as an
> opportunity to change the default Debian set of packages to make it
> lighter and more attractive.
> The project if hosted on Github: https://github.com/Vagdish/Debian8-Theme
> I may push it to the CollabArt Gitorious repository if asked.
> Thank you !
> Adrien Aubourg
> [1] https://wiki.debian.org/DebianArt/Themes/CollabArt
> [2] http://joelburget.com/slimlock/ (It is currently a part of the
> upstream Slim)
> [3] http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/845/bjsh.png/
> [4] http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/89/k41x.png/

"coragem é contagiosa"


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