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Re: Accepted desktop-base 7.0.1 (source all)

Le lundi 30 juillet 2012 à 09:02 -0400, Paul Tagliamonte a écrit : 
> > That's a bad idea, that brings dconf even on boxes where we dont need
> This strikes me as a debhelper bug -- it should only put deps it uses in
> the misc:Depends - if the next version of debhelper ends up introducing
> a new feature that needs a package, there'll be no way for it to find
> it's way onto the system (correctly).
> Anyway, I suspect you're right. I've reverted this in SVN.
> I'll file a bug on debhelper, that's not great behavior.

Please don’t. The debhelper behavior is right by default, it’s just not
right in specific cases.

Without this dependency, most packages which use GSettings will stop

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