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Re: "desktop-base" for wheezy+1

Le mardi 10 juillet 2012 à 22:04 -0400, Paul Tagliamonte a écrit : 
> - Replace desktop-base with a theme-defaults package, which will act as a
>     stable set of binary metapackages to recommend (or depend on). Rather then
>     a single (monolitic) theme package, this will create a "fragmented" set,
>     stuff like "theme-default-gdm" "theme-default-plymouth" or
>     "theme-default-kdm". There's currently an issue with us not dragging in the
>     correct deps because depending (or recommending it) will result in all
>     installs having something that's not really needed in all cases. More on
>     this below. As part of this, we'd have to introduce a few virtual packages
>     to provide (again, more on that later).

While the later part (one package per theme) is a good idea, I think
that splitting the plymouth, gdm, kdm etc. stuff is wrong. You’re bound
to end up with stupid dependencies.

For example, if theme-defaults depends on (or recommends)
theme-default-gdm? And will theme-default-gdm depend on gdm? If you’re
missing the former, your metapackage is useless, and if you’re missing
the latter, the split is useless. If you add both, you will end up
installing gazillions of stuff as soon as theme-default is here.

I find it much better to simply ship every theme in a single package
that holds a theme for all supported stuff. Especially given that some
pieces of the theme might be shared between several components.

> Theme packaging
> ---------------
> We should look at creating a dh-themes package with some helper routines for
> theme work. I think we should figure out exactly where we need help before
> we go off hacking on some crazy routines. After all, some dh_install might be
> all we need.

Yeah, don’t put the cart before the horse.

> We might also need a few virtual packages - we would need to set up
> a package like theme-default-gdm to depend on theme-gdm (or so), and recommend
> something like "theme-debian-joy-gdm". This way, if some user installs
> theme-debian-moreblue-gdm, they will be able to remove theme-debian-joy-gdm
> without trouble.

Why the complexity?

>     Package: task-desktop
>     Depends: gnome, theme-default-gnome | theme-gnome
>     Package: gdm3
>     Recommends: theme-default-gdm | theme-gdm
>     Package: theme-default-gdm
>     Provides: theme-gdm
>     Package: theme-foo-gdm
>     Provides: theme-gdm
>     Package: theme-bar-gdm
>     Provides: theme-gdm

Why why why?
Why when you can simply have one theme-joy package that provides
everything needed?

Please don’t make things more complex just for the sake of having more
work to do.

> License Concerns
> ================
> We *must* ensure we have *all* sources, for *all* themes in debian/main. We
> *must* adhear to very strictly to the DFSG. We *must* define exactly what
> this means, well in advance.
> That means lots of SVGs, XCFs etc. I suggest we be very careful about including
> .jpg or .png files (etc) without their sources (except photos, etc that are
> actually in jpg / pngs)

Bullshit. I agree that JPGs should be banned, but PNG files *are* their
own source even when the original format is lost.

Although anyway, SVGs are much better to handle multiple resolutions.
But this is a technical reason, not a licensing one.

 .''`.      Josselin Mouette
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