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Re: Bug#678746: desktop-base: Joy theme is a mix of incompatibly-licensed works

On Sun, Jun 24, 2012 at 06:57:03PM +0200, Adrien Aubourg wrote:
> As I've been asked to write "Debian" on the installer picture, could
> be there any license trouble to do so ?

Adrien, if it's not too much work, could you please prepare two
different versions of the installer picture, one with the official
(currently) non-free typeface of the "with debian" logo at
http://www.debian.org/logos/ and one with a DFSG-free typeface.

I'm still positive we can do the relicensing of the currently non-free
typeface in time for Wheezy. But clearly not in time for the freeze. So
if there could be two versions of it, we can choose between either:

1) ship now the non-free version and have an RC bug against it for the

2) ship now the free version and ask for a freeze exception to include
   the official typeface later on. *If* the only difference is in a
   difference typeface in an otherwise identical image, then hopefully
   the risks of inducing regressions will be minimized.

Choosing among these two options is probably better left to the
desktop-base maintainers + the release team.  I guess that (2) is a more
conservative choice anyhow, that leaves us a releasable desktop-base
package even if the relicensing fails.


PS I just came back after 5 days of (Debian-related) traveling and I
   still have to catch up with -desktop traffic
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