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Re: Complete and consistent menu in the Debian Desktop?

On 03/03/12 13:09, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
One task I believe the desktop group in Debian should look at and work
to improve, is to ensure the Debian desktop give the user a complete
and consistent menu in KDE and Gnome.  Gnome do not present the debian
menu system, and only present the XDG menu entries, while KDE present

All desktop environment in Debian provide menu sections, and some
applications are placed in unexpected and strange sections.  For
Debian Edu I have spent some time asking maintainers to move their
menu entries into more sensible sections and to add .desktop files to
their packages, and this work make me believe a similar effort is
needed for the rest of the packages in Debian too.

Is this something the desktop group is interested in working on?  It
would mean to install the various desktop variants in Debian, fill it
with user applications and have a look at the resulting menu

Consistent Desktop experience in KDE?? HA! What I get here is consistent amount of bugs.

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