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package 'desktop-base' currently with "6.654 kB"

Hi all,

I would like to draw attention to the packet size[1] for the base
theme for debian.

I remember in the season to package Squeeze was no doubt keeps
previous versions of the theme or not.

So the question would remain in the same package (as there is
currently some files earlier themes in the same package), or whether
it would be necessary to maintain a package for each theme and or
version supported by Debian.

There is a proposal to keep theme packages. Unfortunately I have no
technical capability to create, define and document structure. But I
tried to do a sketch of what would be. If more people are interested
in creating and maintaining themes for Debian, Pure Blends and its
derivatives, can create an unofficial repository

Just someone help me with the technical keys and packing structure or
mirror for this.

In the future, changing a background could go on and have a manager to
change the whole set of issues (boot, * dm, manager, etc. ..)

[1] desktop-base 6.0.7 [6.654 kB]
[2] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianArt/StructureThemePackage

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