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Re: desktop artwork for wheezy


I have a couple of questions:

1) Would it be possible to contribute a single artwork item instead of a whole theme? I'm considering submitting one or more wallpapers for consideration, and that's why I ask this.

2) The Requirements page at the wiki [1] suggest providing SVG files. The illustration program that I'm most familiar with is Xara Xtreme (which is currently packaged for sid but can be installed on stable just fine). The problem is that I'm not sure if the SVG output produced by Xara would be OK for this purpose.

So in case I couldn't use Xara for this purpose, are there any other illustration programs packaged in Debian that can produce SVG files?

A simple query through debtags ("works-with::image:vector && works-with-format::svg") shows the following, although I could be missing something else:

inkscape - vector-based drawing program
karbon - a vector graphics application for the KDE Office Suite
scribus - Open Source Desktop Page Layout

I ask this question because I'd like to avoid having to use inkscape if possible (it's extremely slow, even on pretty decent hardware). I don't know if Karbon could be a good choice, but if it is I wouldn't mind pulling the several hundred MBs that it requires on a non-KDE environment.


[1] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianDesktop/Artwork/Requirements

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