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Re: Debian artwork for Wheezy

Paul Wise wrote:
> The desktop artwork for wheezy was discussed last month:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-desktop/2011/10/threads.html#00003
> Here is my summary mail from that thread:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-desktop/2011/10/msg00014.html
> The KDE and GNOME teams both do not want any Debian-specific artwork
> enabled by default.

Not quite, Joss doesn't want icon/theme changes but is open to a desktop
background in http://lists.debian.org/debian-desktop/2011/10/msg00022.html

I personally feel sticking with upstream desktop branding, possibly
lightly altered to add a Debian logo in the login or desktop background
is the right choice.

> AFAICT neither of them have asked d-i folks to
> remove it from the task-desktop package deps though.

tasksel only pulls in desktop-base, it does not itself have
anything to do with the theme.

If we're removing spacefun then d-i can revert to the old "klowner" boot
logo, possibly updated in some way for wheezy, but the current one will
work ok. Reverting abbc21a955dc2f9b2fc134e796ef0bfcf4c3a2d2 in
rootskel-gtk will despacefun the graphical installer. 

However, it's good to have visual consistency between the d-i and
debian-live and grub boot graphics, so I'd like to get a consensus
about how wheezy should look on boot before making too many changes.

see shy jo

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