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Re: desktop artwork for wheezy

On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 1:28 AM, Paul Wise wrote:

> There are less than 8 months until the wheezy freeze, it is probably
> time we had some new artwork in development.

Some further thoughts...

I have always been strongly opposed to adding any Debian branding to
any package; if we add any branding it should be in a separate
optional package, possibly installed by default, possibly not.

I personally disable the branding Debian currently does where possible
and stick with the upstream branding if there is any.

Through my work on the Debian derivatives census I've found that
Debian needs to work a lot on de-branding; splitting out branding
information into separate packages so that derivatives don't have to
patch that information out.

desktop-base has always been a badly named package and IMO the
implementation leaves a bit to be desired; one monolithic package
isn't the best idea, especially as Debian moves into more mobile and
space restricted devices like phones and tablets.

There is a certain class of user that will always want to use a
different wm/icon/cursor/etc theme from the default, no matter what it

There will also be a certain class of user who feels a certain loyalty
towards the distro they use and want to use branded themes.

There is also the case of demonstration machines at conferences, expos
etc, probably those should be more identifiable as Debian.

Therefore branding should be optional (possibly with a question in d-i
or a task in tasksel). Whether it gets installed by default I guess is
a question for each team maintaining a task in tasksel. For example a
hypothetical debian-edu pure blend might want to install a set of
*-branding-debian-edu packages.

Clearly, Debian branded artwork is a useful thing for us to have.

The places I can think of where we currently have branding are:
website/wiki front page, d-i, bootloader, base-files, login manager,
desktop wallpaper. Are there more?

Is anyone willing to analyse and report how other distributions handle



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