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Re: desktop-base 6.0.4 upload

On Tue, 21 Dec 2010 10:39:31 +0100 Yves-Alexis Perez wrote:

> I'm gonna upload a new desktop-base today, fixing the various RC bugs
> still around.
> If you have something to include there, please say so *now*, I won't be
> able to work on it of the next few days.

I understand your lack of time and I sympathize with you: I am often in
a similar situation of spare time scarcity.
However, time constraints should not be a reason to fix bugs in an
incomplete manner: I will try hard to provide as much help as I
possibly can during this evening, but this bug report should not be
considered as closed, until all the issues are properly dealt with (of

> Check the svn and report back (preferably with patch) if you think
> something is missing.
> Especially, Josselin, if you could take care of the gnome-debian-sid
> artwork (either clarify the license or drop it completely), and
> Francesco if you could find out the various licensing issues you noted
> which remain?

What follows is a summary of the remaining issues in Rev 238
as far as I can tell:

 * there does not seem to be any clear copyright notice
   (with years and copyright holders) and license for
   debian-security.xcf, which is derived from the DOUL
   (as correctly documented) and from a GNOME icon
   (under which license?!?)

   N.B.: Yves-Alexis Perez said that he would ping initial author to get
   some information.
   Ulrich Hansen provided additional information, but the copyright
   notice and license for the GNOME lock-button is still to be found.
   Now that I think of it: even the license for the resulting
   debian-security.xcf is yet to be specified...

   N.B.: an alternative approach could be to create a new
   debian-security.png from scratch, as I mentioned previously in

 * we still have to find out the copyright and license for the GNOME
   foot logo

   N.B.: it seems that the GNOME foot Logo is released under the terms
   of the LGPL v2.1 or later; at least that's what is stated on
   However, I would like to find more official information about the
   license; moreover, I still cannot find a proper copyright notice...

 * we still have to find out the copyright and license for the KDE logo

   N.B.: the KDE Official Oxygen Logo seems to be released under the terms
   of the LGPL v2.1 or later, see http://www.kde.org/stuff/clipart.php and
   I would like to find more official statement about the LGPL version
   and about the proper copyright notice...

I will try and prepare a patch for the debian/copyright (against Rev
238) later this evening (hopefully), so stay tuned!

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