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Bug#607458: desktop-base: debian/copyright file is outdated

 * there does not seem to be any clear copyright notice
   (with years and copyright holders) and license for
   debian-security.xcf, which is derived from the DOUL
   (under the Expat/MIT license) and from a GNOME icon
   (under which license?!?)

“created” and “updated” looks to me like pretty clear, though years are
missing. Will ping initial author to get some information.

I did a short Web research. If you want it more precisely, write:


The debian-security.xcf file (and the resulting .png file) was created by Colin Walters <walters@debian.org> in 2002 and updated by Ulrich Hansen <uhansen@mainz-online.de> in 2010. They are based on the Debian “Open Use” (without
“Debian” word) logo and the lock-button from GNOME 1.4.


I am not _absolutely_ sure about Colin Walters creation date of debian-security.xcf. But I guessed that it would be 2002, as according to the header of the ./debian/copyright file he debianized the package in 2002 and that was exactly when the icon from Gnome 1.4 (Woody) was in use.

The lock icon comes from Gnome 1.4, look at the picture in the handbook:

Hope this helps

Ulrich Hansen

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