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Bug#587668: fixed in desktop-base 6.0.0

Am 20.12.2010 23:10, schrieb Francesco Poli:
Does it make sense to have two identical files in the same source
package? Couldn't one single copy of the file be read from one single
place in the source tree?
I am just asking: maybe I am missing some technical reason to do so...

You are right. I don't think the two files "splash.svg" and "wallpaper.svg" in "./source/spacefun/" in our source package "desktop-base_6.0.4.tar.gz" are needed.

They should be identical to "./splash/spacefun-splash.svg" and "./backgrounds/spacefun-wallpaper.svg". (But they aren't, which caused this problem).

Of course it may be nice to have all sources of a theme in one directory. But in this case it means we have TWO sourcefiles of the same image. And now we have to care about them, because unfortunately they are not identical. Which is crap.

So IMHO it would be best to delete "splash.svg" and "wallpaper.svg" in "./source/spacefun/" (which frees some space and also fixes this bug).

Maybe Valessio and Yves-Alexis have an opinion about this?

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