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Bug#607142: overwrites custom plymouth configuration

On 15.12.2010 16:45, Michael Biebl wrote:
> On 15.12.2010 08:33, Yves-Alexis Perez wrote:
>> On mar., 2010-12-14 at 23:43 +0100, Michael Biebl wrote:
>>> I'm using a custom theme for plymouth and desktop-base overwrites that
>>> setting on each upgrade.
>> The same is true for splashy and grub, was true in Lenny (and Etch, I
>> guess).
> I can't speak for splashy, but for grub the alternatives system is used, so my
> changes are preserved on upgrades.

grub2, to be precise.

>>> I'm filing this bug with severity serious as the package overwrites
>>> custom configuration in /etc/ (/etc/plymouth/plymouthd.conf).
>> To be precise, no, it doesn't overwrite the configuration. But yes, it
>> sets the default theme (by calling the relevant plymouth command). 

I need to clarify that, as this is simply not true:
plymouth-set-default-theme overwrites my custom configuration in
/etc/plymouth/plymouthd.conf, this is not "setting a new default theme".
Please keep in mind that /etc/plymouth/plymouthd.conf is even listed as conffile
of the plymouth package.

If it would change the value in /usr/share/plymouth/plymouthd.defaults, I'd
agree with you, but it doesn't.

Daniel, aside from the alternatives idea I mentioned earlier, is there a way to
override the default values in /usr/share/plymouth/plymouthd.defaults while
preserving local modifications?
desktop-base could divert that file, but I'm not convinced yet that I like this


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