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Bug#607075: login-background scales badly on widescreen monitor

Am 14.12.2010 18:19, schrieb Michael Biebl:
This is something which is still very inconsistent:

I think there should be a balance between consistency and functionality.

For instance it would be more consistent to use our default wallpaper as gdm/kdm login too. This would also make the transition from login to desktop a bit smoother.

On the other hand some people would find that boring and prefer to have the name of the distro at boot, the slogan in the splashscreen, a nice rocket at login, etc.etc. I think this is a matter of taste and not my decision to make.

the grub2 background has the word debian/The universal operating system,
*without* a swirl

The swirl is in the upper right corner of the grub picture, isn't it? At least as I understand it, the fumes of the rocket shall look like our swirl.

The desktop wallpaper does not have a swirl or text (altough that is good, as
text on a wallpaper is distracting imho).

Yes, in my opinion too. We should keep this in mind for the next artworks.


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