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Bug#606125: gdm not themed, plymouth not run

package: desktop-base
version: 6.0.2


on a current squeeze system (which was upgraded from lenny half a year ago) I 
purged desktop-base from lenny and then installed desktop-base 6.0.2 from 
sid. the plymouth package was installed at that time already.

the grub2 splashscreen was updated to space fun, the gdm login not. space fun 
is also not available in the gdm configuration gui. plymouth was also not 

ii  desktop-base                         6.0.2                                
ii  gdm                                  2.20.11-2                            
ii  gdm-themes                           0.6.2                                
ii  plymouth                             0.8.3-9.1                            
ii  plymouth-themes-all                  0.8.3-9.1                            
ii  plymouth-themes-fade-in              0.8.3-9.1                            
ii  plymouth-themes-glow                 0.8.3-9.1                            
ii  plymouth-themes-script               0.8.3-9.1                            
ii  plymouth-themes-solar                0.8.3-9.1                            
ii  plymouth-themes-spinfinity           0.8.3-9.1                            


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