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Re: results of the Debian Squeeze Artwork contest

Le dimanche 28 novembre 2010 à 16:35 +0000, Ken Hough a écrit :
> Are you guys joking?
> I understand that the winner of the above contest is "Space Fun". After 
> looking at this, I can only conclude that this is a joke!
> I have always found Debian to be a very professional, well designed, and well 
> presented distro. Now it appears that we are going to have very silly looking 
> cartoon space ships and other daft stuff for a default backdrop. IMHO, this 
> is noddy stuff!
> Please, please, please can we have a more sensible and less childish backdrop 
> the this "Space Fun" (???) stuff.

I can’t help thinking the funny thing in SpaceFun is not the theme
itself, but reactions like yours.

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