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Spacefun Plymouth theme


I've built a Plymouth theme for the wonderful Space Fun series.
The scenery is mostly a reproduction of the splashy SVG found in the SVN, and 
the theme uses Plymouth scripting.

It has totally essential features like being ratio-proof, random stars 
distribution (per screen resolution), earth glow on root file-system mount or 
rocket animations for boot and shutdown. :-)
And almost as useful capabilities like passphrase input and messages scrolling 

This was all inspired by the excellent blog series on Plymouth scripting by 
Charlie Brej [1], and of course Space Fun being inspiring all by itself.

To install it, you need to:
- copy the "spacefun" theme folder [2] into "/usr/share/plymouth/themes/";
- run "plymouth-set-default-theme spacefun" (this essentially sets 
Theme=spacefun into /etc/plymouth/plymouthd.conf);
- rebuild the initrd.
You'll also need to add "splash" to your kernel boot line.

A KMS-enabled system and plymouth-themes-script are required for this to work.
It should then essentially work, the vast majority of the job being done by 
Plymouth itself. But if you care to test and find any problem, please let me 

I'm not sure what would be the correct way get this into squeeze or if this is 
even possible, so if you'd like to make it happen, tell me what needs to be 
done next!

[1] http://brej.org/blog/?cat=16
[2] git://git.thetys-retz.net/plymouth-spacefun


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