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SpaceFun is Fun (joke) Re: Squeeze Artwork...

When I thought about a theme for the next release of Debian, I thought
I'd break every idea to be something elitism[1] and show the side that
is 'made of fun'.

The image that people have some Debian developers and own the project
should be broken some day ... I think maybe it's time to say:

"Debian is funny, safe and stable. Also for your desktop."

[1] http://facepwn.com/posters/debian.jpg

2010/11/16 Alan BRASLAU <alan.braslau@cea.fr>:
> I do not wish to discourage any of the artists,
> but upon updating my (unstable) Debian system today,
> I was dismayed to see such a frivolous theme appear.
> I immediately disabled the theme, returning my systems
> to a more serious look.
> I guess that I must be quite boring, indeed.
> But you should all think about the image that this gives to Debian
> as a serious system for real work and not some sort of toy.
> Alan
> Profissional de inovação
@valessiobrito / +55 (71) VALESSIO

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