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Bug#587668: Proposed fix: images without the non-free logo

tag 587668 patch

> This package includes a modified version of the Debian open logo with
> "Debian" which the license is not compliant to the Debian policy.
> The files concerned are:
>   /usr/share/apps/kdm/themes/moreblue-orbit/background.png
>   /usr/share/apps/kdm/themes/moreblue-orbit/background.svg
>   /usr/share/apps/ksplash/Themes/moreblue-orbit-default/Preview.png
>   /usr/share/apps/ksplash/Themes/moreblue-orbit-default/splash_top.png

Well, as changing the logo license seems not to be an option, the only
remaining ones are:
* to ignore this RC bug, shipping non-free or license-violating files
  with Debian, these files being Debian official desktop themes;
* to fix this bug, stripping the problematic part of these files.

I suggest that we apply the second option. I made stripped versions of
these images, available at <http://vanvogt.ortolo.eu/~tanguy/tmp/debian/bugs/587668/>.


: /` )   Tanguy Ortolo
| `-'    Debian maintainer

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