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Re: Squeeze Artwork: selection of default theme


Am 12.11.2010 12:16, schrieb Yves-Alexis Perez:

> Ok, that's my last mail on the subject, I'll try to explain it *again*,
> one last time.
> I really think things could have done better. I think things could have
> done better since 3 releases, to be honest. Now nobody hide the fact
> that Debian artwork work is done on debian-desktop list (since 3
> releases at least). Everybody could have sent his opinion *before*.
> We're running out of time since quite some time already, we need to get
> this done *now*.

As I started the irc discussion (which in turn started this discussion),
I'd like to add, that while I personally would have thought that fedback
from a wider audience would have helped (and therefore would have added
it to the Debian Project News), I see, that there's quite some time
pressure, which would have made that difficult.

Also, while I (as someone just lurking on the list) would have thought
wider audience would have been a good idea, am completely okay with you
people making the decision how you see it fit.

Best regards,

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