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Status of LISP theme proposal for Squeeze

Hi all,

Just an update to the status of the LISP theme:

A few minutes ago I updated the files on

The GDM3 backgrounds are now available in all required resolutions.

I also updated all wallpapers to match the GDM3 backgrounds. Gnome should now blend smoothly from the Login background into the wallpaper (this didn't work with the previous wallpapers).

With the images ready for Grub2, GDM3 and the Wallpapers, the blue LISP artwork should IMHO meet the minimum requirements for a theme. The sources will follow as promised.

I will then begin to complete my CD/DVD artwork (as planned from the beginning) to have nice labels for the most important CD/DVD images (I don't really like the CD artwork made by script). The CD labels and covers will then be published as usual at

Thanks again for the nice feedback and the good suggestions. It was a pleasure and an honor to be part of this contest. Congratulations again to Valessio.

Best regards

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