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Re: Added new elements to the blue LISP machine theme

I changed the "debian" font in the grub2 background image, the gdm3 artwork and the splash screen. And I won't use it in the other elements I am currently making. I hope this solves the issue.

The debian font in the CD artwork doesn't need to be changed, as I understand it. Because the CD isn't distributed in main. (But main is distributed on CD ;-) ).

The problem also effects the artwork in lenny and the other proposals.

All in all it's a bit unfortunate to be unable to use our own trademark in our own distribution. Maybe this should be sorted out in time before Wheezy?

Best regards

Am 07.11.2010 11:25, schrieb Didier 'OdyX' Raboud:
I noticed that you used the "Debian Open Use Logo 'with the Debian' word" in
various parts of your artwork, which is unfortunately not suitable for
Debian main (see e.g. [0]).

So I suggest either using only the swirl in places where you can drop the
"debian" word completely and use a "debian" word with a different shape/font
in places where it is mandatory.



[0] http://lists.debian.org/debian-desktop/2010/11/msg00004.html

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