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Re: split desktop-base package

I think a valid argument and it should happen with
<debian-blends@lists.debian.org>. Because I believe in the facility to
change my environment graph/theme between PureBlends, Derivatives and

proposal or documentation:

squeeze-theme or desktop-theme*

* desktop-theme, it limits only one choice in the future. I would
always collect or use an appearance earlier version, even after the
update.  (squeeze-theme, lenny-theme, woody-theme)...

I would think in the future, where there are options bundled free
themes. Not be accurate assemble pieces or unfinished works.

2009/8/21 Fathi Boudra <fabo@debian.org>:
>> Doesn't this fail the point to have a centralized package for all debian branding ?
> we will still have a centralized package, especially for shared
> material like images etc ... (kind of -common package arch. all).
> splitting will address this use-case:
> joe user wants his Debian GNOME branding and not extra stuff he
> doesn't use ie kdm/ksplash/whatever.
> jane is an advanced user. she uses Debian KDE and doesn't want extra
> dependency like librsvg2-common.
> desktop-base will be a meta-package for all desktops. it will depends on:
> desktop-base-common
> desktop-base-gnome
> desktop-base-kde
> desktop-base-xfce
> etc...
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