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Re: Current environment to support different themes

On 2010-06-20, Valessio Brito <contato@valessiobrito.info> wrote:
> There is no standard on naming packages, it also undermines the basic
> user select a theme complete.
> What I propose[1] is to follow a pattern, having more options on
> issues and be able to recover from earlier themes debian release.

I disagree.

Basically, many users uses tab completion, and I think it is better to
be able to tabcomplete from kdm<tab> to find kdm themes rather than
having to vrite theme-kdm-foo, and the themes is also seen when doing
apt-get install foo<tab>, for example

$ sudo apt-get install splash<tab><tab><tab>
splashy         splashy-themes 

> Another possibility is to install the subject site or a customized
> debian, type themes-debianedu-all ... or themes-brdesktop-all ...
> BrDesktop is adapting the theme to debian Brazilians.
> If you want a new theme for GDM or KDM, I will try: theme-gdm-* or
> xfce in theme-xfce-* (theme-xfce-brdesktop, theme-xfce-debianedu... )

why not xfce-theme-* and gdm-theme-* ?

> kdeartwork
> kdeartwork-dbg
> kdeartwork-emoticons
> kdeartwork-style
> kdeartwork-theme-icon
> kdeartwork-theme-window
> plasma-desktopthemes-artwork

these are extra artwork provided by upstream in the release of

> tangerine-icon-theme
> tango-icon-theme

Note that there is also cursors.


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