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Re: KDE HAL mounting in etch: lets solve it

I will make a request or join one if this is an existing issue. Where should I 
look for the development of the linux kernel in this regard?

On 2008-05-11 14:22, Paul Wise wrote:
> On Sun, May 11, 2008 at 8:00 PM, Dawn Light <dawnlight@???> wrote:
> > The ext3 partitions are succesfully mounted with no problems using kde, 
> > the user doesn't get write permissions to them.
> There does not appear to be a mount option to get the Linux kernel to
> ignore the permissions on ext3 filesystems nor indicate that some
> specific user should own all the files. The best you can do currently
> is to run find -xdev | xargs chmod a+rwX as root over the filesystem
> after mounting, or use another filesystem (adfs, affs, fat, vfat, hfs,
> hpfs, ntfs support uid/gid options). The uid/gid options in the
> FAT32/NTFS and other filesystems should really become common to all
> Linux filesystems, perhaps you would like to persue getting this fixed
> in upstream kernels?
> http://wiki.debian.org/PaulWise

Shachar Or | שחר אור

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