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KDE HAL mounting in etch: lets solve it

Currently, in etch, the kde mounting system is either not configured 
appropriately, or has bugs or even "missing" functionality perhaps. Whatever 
should be the reason for this, mounting filesystems using kde is either no 
intuitive or it does not work.

I've a HDD in a USB MSC, which has both ntfs partitions and ext3 partitions. 
The ext3 partitions are succesfully mounted with no problems using kde, but 
the user doesn't get write permissions to them. Trying to mount the ntfs 
partition, I get the bug #418176.

I see this as a very serious issue which prevents debian from being used as a 
KDE desktop by non-technical users. How many have switched to other "desktop 
distributions" because of this issue alone? I want this for my clients as 
well as for myself.

Can anyone point to the root of this problem so that a solution could be 
thought of? How about a workaround?

How about making a backport of the fixed hal, will that solve it, and is that 

Shachar Or | שחר אור

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