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Bug#478666: desktop-base: kdm password field cannot be reached without mouse click

On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 08:05:16AM +0000, Marcus Better wrote:
> In the default install with kdm 4:4.0.68+svn794641-1, the login screen
> shows up with my name pre-filled (from the last login) and the cursor
> shown in the password field. But I cannot type in it. Trying to Tab to
> it doesn't work either. I need to click the password field with the
> mouse before it starts to respond. (There is no visual difference when
> I click it.)
> Guess it would be tricky to log in without a mouse!
> I haven't tried kdm from unstable with the desktop-base package.

Hmhm, I wonder what desktop-base has to do with it. It only provides a theme
for kdm, afaict? Is changing theme changing this behavior?

If not, I guess this could be reassigned to kdm.


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