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Re: Bug#461851: ambigous highlighting if background picture is enabled

Dear debian-desktop team,

I had a discussion with Robert Millan recently about the default color theme for the GRUB2 boot menu (in case the background picture is enabled). Robert's proposal was to use magenta colored text on a transparent background for the highlighted entry and black text for the others. I suggested to use a colored background for the highlighted entry instead, because magenta appears very dark on my CRT making it hard to tell the menu items apart. The whole discussion can be followed in #461851.

Now we would like to listen to your opinion about which color combination might look best with respect to both aesthetics and accessibility.

Robert Millan schrieb:
You might also want to check what the debian art folks who provide this
image think about this.  Chances are their sense of aesthetics will be much,
much better than mine.

I could not find a mailing list for Debian Arts, but I am CCing debian-desktop instead. Chances are high to meet the same audience here, I guess.

If you all reach a consensus about what looks best, that'll work much better
to convince me than a single opinion.  I don't want to get into a situation in
which every week someone proposes a new combination that looks "better" than
the other... ;-)

Sure. I hope we will find a consensus in debian-desktop.


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