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Can we change the default plugin to mozilla-mplayer?


 Can we install mozilla-mplayer by default? totem-mozilla can't play
embedded ogg vorbis audio and it is a serious let down.

Try this with both plugins

This would mean installing mplayer as well by default, but don't know
how feasible that is, though I like mplayer very much and I think the
only reason mplayer has fallen behind is it took a long time to enter
into debian because of the patent issues.

If it is not possible can some one try to figure out why totem-mozilla
can't play it? I guess it does not provide all the mime handlers.


application/x-ogg 	Ogg Vorbis Media 	ogg 	Yes
audio/ogg 	Ogg Vorbis Audio 	ogg 	Yes
audio/x-ogg 	Ogg Vorbis Audio 	ogg 	Yes
application/ogg 	Ogg Vorbis / Ogg Theora 	ogg 	Yes


application/ogg 	Ogg multimedia 	ogg 	Yes
audio/ogg 	Ogg Audio 	ogg 	Yes
audio/x-ogg 	Ogg Audio 	ogg 	Yes
video/ogg 	Ogg Video 	ogg 	Yes
video/x-ogg 	Ogg Video 	ogg 	Yes

So I guess it is failing because of missing handler for
application/x-ogg. can someone try adding it?


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