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Hello, everyone
   I been using Linux for a long time but i have not used Debian for a
long time. I recently switched back to Debian and so far so good
for the most part.

I`m having a problem with the xfce4 desk top on my notebook. The
problem is with the xfce4-mixer. With the user account i made when
i installed Debian the panel volume and mixer work fine. But i have
created a new user account on the same notebook for my sun. My suns
xfce4 desktop mixer and panel volume does work. You can put the volume
control in the panel, but in the properties dialog under
devices it  only  shows  default device.  It  does  not  show  my  driver.
The  mixer  is  the same. I now the sound works because it works when
in logged in under the account i created when i did the install.

Any help would be appreciated .

   Thank You

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